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Knut Rellsmo er født 1939 i Oslo og bor på Sofiemyr i Oppegård. Han ble tidlig oppfordret til å male og tegne av Henrik Sørensen.

Undervisning gis etter avtale.

Knut Rellsmo was born in Oslo 1939. He was early encouraged by the famous norwegian artist, Henrik Sørensen, to draw and paint.

Knut Rellsmo has fulfilled many specialcourses within drawing and painting beyond studying at NMTS in Oslo. He has also been teaching in art , - especially within dynamic - and creativite tools to maximize talent. His favourite tecnique is acrylic, often combined with other techniques.

He has performed separate art exhibitions.

You can contact Knut direct @ home: phone + 47 66 80 47 52.

All his pictures are originals delivered with certificate. Many are ideal for companies and organizations. You are welcome to see the paintings in my home - please phone me if you are interested.

The collection counts roughly 100 original paintings ( July 2001).